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About Socially Sparked News. We are an independent digital news site that focuses on Pop Culture — the people, places, events and causes that Socially Spark our lives in entertainment, technology and advocacy. All views are our own. Our motto is Real News That Sparks.

From our humble beginnings as a concept 12 years in the making, to our first launch as a blog in 2013, we are thrilled to bring you our passionate and positive spotlight stories on all things pop culture. Socially Sparked News officially launched on November 5, 2016.

#SociallySparked Definition: Pop Culture News. Unique perspective on the people, events and causes that inspire and impact our lives.

Our Mission: To provide Real News That Sparks by bringing our unique perspective on the people, events and causes that Socially Spark Our Lives in Pop Culture: spotlighting the worlds of entertainment, digital, technology and advocacy. Views are our own.

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About the Founder/Editor:

avatar-on-greyAbbe Sparks is the Founder of Socially Sparked News. A social media and content influencer, she has been covering the entertainment, digital, tech and advocacy sectors for over 20 years as a writer and brand strategist through her communications company Abbe Sparks Media Group. Socially Sparked News is her labor of love. You can reach Abbe @SoSparkedNews @asparks01 or email her at info@sociallysparkednews.com

Proud member of the US Press Association and the International Association of Freelance Journalists.

Socially Sparked News would like to thank our devoted team of ever-growing contributing writers, Shawna Cooper and freelance PHOTOGRAPHERS: Roman Sobus Photography, Joseph A. Rosen Photography, Justin Hoch, Mark Raker Photography and many more from the past, present and future.

Best way to reach us: info@sociallysparkednews.com