Nothing Fake Here. Kenny Kramer is the Real Thing

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The Real Kenny Kramer

One thing Kenny Kramer is not is Fake. He’s the Real Thing.   Kenny Kramer is many things — a Comedian; the Real Kramer; a Jewelry Designer; a Tour Operator; a former Libertine NYC Mayoral Candidate; a single Dad; a Yankee fan, and soon to be Author of Kenny Kramer – The Real Stories.” Yes, you heard me right!

Since April is around the corner and Kenny’s Reality Bus Tour will resume for maybe the last year, (according to NY Daily News story of March 4, 2017) we felt compelled to repost our recent feature on the iconic Kramer, his endeavors and upcoming Tell-All. (originally posted January 19, 2017)

In a world that demands real news and authenticity; a world that craves nostalgia and perhaps, simpler times, comes Kenny Kramer.  A throwback to the glory days of NBC’s must-see TV and television’s most popular show of the ’90s — Seinfeld. Kenny Kramer truly is all of that and much more.

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The cast of NBC’s hit television series “Seinfeld”



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The place Seinfeld all began, literally.

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Left – right: The Real Kenny Kramer with Larry David

By now, everyone knows that the Seinfeld TV series is a show about nothing, created by Larry David after meeting with Jerry Seinfeld at The Westway Diner. Fact #2: The character of Cosmo Kramer is based on Seinfeld creator Larry David’s real-life neighbor a/k/a the Real Kramer — Kenny. Another well-known fact: the real Kramer loves to capitalize on his Seinfeld character’s fame at every turn, ie: Kramer’s Reality Tour, Kram-Mart.

Kenny Kramer Will Tell-All in a Book: “Kramer – the Real Stories”

Kenny Kramer

That’s right, you heard it hear first at Socially Sparked News! Kenny is writing a Tell-All Memoir and plans to release it this summer.  In announcing his intention to write “Kramer – The Real Stories” Kenny is about to open a Pandora’s Box of memories that documents the early days of the American stand-up comedy and entertainment scene.

Currently he has written roughly 25,000 words of about 70 – 90,000 words total. That’s roughly one-third done, two-thirds to go. He has crafted a non-fiction book proposal and is actively shopping it around for a publisher. So, if you know anyone out there that is smart, saavy and happens to be a publisher — spread the word!


Of course, we know he has his faults — not far off from Seinfeld’s Cosmo Kramer character — but there is so much more to tell. Kenny can now add creative soul, author and human being to his list of title credits.

(c) Kenny Kramer

Left to right: Larry David, The Real Kenny Kramer & Jerry Seinfeld

I had the priviledge of hearing Kenny read me one of his Chapters. Here are some excerpts from “Kramer — The Real Stories.”


“Trust me. The following story is ‘Real’, despite Kenny’s comment to me that I make it up if I was unsure of some facts. — Abbe Sparks, Founder/Editor of Socially Sparked News


A typical ‘Kramer’ remark for both, Real Kramer and Cosmo Kramer.


Excerpts from the Tell-All Chapter by Kenny Kramer

“Kramer the hipster dufus has become one of the most beloved next door neighbors in the history of television… I decided if I don’t cash in on this, I’m an idiot!” — Kenny Kramer from his soon-to-be Tell-All Memoirs.

“Gonzo Journalist Michael Kramer Finds The Real Kramer”, that was the headline in the NY Post Page 6 gossip page. That led to multiple print and television media coverage including The New York TImes, Dateline and more. Nothing came of it.  in 1995,  Seinfeld began to air in syndication. At this point, the show is the number 1 show in broadcast television, and the number one show in syndication.  I decided if I don’t cash in on this, I’m an idiot.”

And, Cash in He Did!

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Cashing in on his notoriety as the Original Kramer off the NBC hit TV series ‘Seinfeld” Featured: Kra-Mart’ – Kenny’s memorabilia merchandise that he sells during Kramer’s Reality Bus Tour show.


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Kramer’s Reality Tour









Back in the late 90s, CD-Rom was the “it” format, and Kramer thought he’d create a reality tour in CD-Rom format called “Kramer’s New York.”  But, the publishers nixed that concept and told him that it was nothing more than a database. In order to have a hit, what he needed was an entertainment or game element.

Racking his brain to come up with a concept, and after smoking a big fat joint…

“I had an idea, a Seinfeld Reality Check. What’s actual and what’s factual in the world of Seinfeld. And, as I had that thought, a greyline double decker bus goes passed my window and a light bulb goes off in my head — A tour, I’m going to have a reality tour.” – excerpt from a chapter in Kenny Kramer’s soon to be published Tell-All Memoir.

(c) Kenny KramerThe rest is history already told.  January 27, 1996 – Kramer’s Reality Tour was born. Now going on 21 years and still in hot demand!  Kenny’s Reality Tour began as a two time weekly bus tour and comedy show. After that fateful day of 9/11, he reduced the Tour to once a week. Even so, the Tour is filled to capacity each week with Seinfans, tourists from around the world and “real folk.” (Whatever that is).


Encounters with the Real Kramer

Left to right: Mister MoJo, MoJo & The Bayou Gypsies & Kenny Kramer chlling in the MoJo Booth at APAPNYC.

To get a clearer insight into what makes Kenny the Real Kramer, I spent a week with him during last week’s APAPNYC Conference — billed as the largest conference for performing artists and presenters.

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Kenny as a panelist at APAPNYC Plenary Session: The Next Economic Paradigm

Mister MoJo of MoJo & The Bayou Gypsies moderated a plenary session “The Next Economic Paradigm…” at APAPNYC, where Kenny was a panelist. Kenny’s next paradigm: his Tell-All Memoir.

Last Saturday, I completed my recognizance by taking Kramer’s Reality Tour Bus Trip.  I am now convinced and completely sold on the man known as “the hipster dufus’ (to quote Kenny).


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The Real Kenny Kramer in his production office at The Producer’s Theatre, NYC.

“Just sit right back

And you’ll hear a tale

A tale of a reality tour trip,

That started from this New York port,

Aboard this Grayline Bus.

The mate was the mighty real Kramer man,

The Crew, brave and sure.

61 SeinFans set out Saturday,

For a three hour tour,

A three hour tour.” — adapted from the theme of Gilligans Island”

The 3 Hour Tour

Oh, the places you will go! Anyone that loves Seinfeld, Kramer, or wants to see New York from Mr. New York himself, must take the Kramer Reality Tour.

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Cashing in on his notoriety as the Original Kramer off the NBC hit TV series ‘Seinfeld’

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Stopping for soup at the notorious Nazi Soup Kitchen made famous by Seinfeld

The best thing Kenny Kramer is — He’s The Real Thing.

I will leave you with one parting phrase — “Remember, I’ll be There for You.”  And, he will be! — Abbe Sparks is Socially Sparked! @sosparkednews