Happy Holidays From Our Sparks To Yours

Happy Holidays from our Sparks to Yours. SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS. is Real News that Sparks. We spotlight the intersection of pop-culture and social change via the crossroads of advocacy / activism, entertainment, music and technology. Our features are about the people, places and causes that  Socially Sparked our lives. Views are our own.

We thank you for a Socially Sparked® 2019. It’s been a banner year of growth and features since our humble beginnings in 2013 and our full launch as a cultural blog. We couldn’t have done it without you!
In the new decade we will continue to bring you features on what has inspired and influenced us from around the world. In 2020, Socially Sparked News will be adding new and exciting multi-media features. Watch for all our latest developments in the coming months.
Here is a pictorial recap of the artists, organizations and causes that Socially Sparked our Lives this year in the worlds of pop culture, advocacy / activism, entertainment, music, technology and social justice.