Celebrating St. Patrick's Day from a Social Distance

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrating at a social distance is the order of the day this year due to the global pandemic that is disrupting our lives. Parades around the world may be cancelled and bars and restaurants are closing by the day. So how do we celebrate the March holiday in 2020 and remain Socially Sparked®? Here’s how.


Twitter is the home of a Virtual Parade and we love this idea. Post your pictures and small gathering celebrations on Twitter using the hashtags #virtualparade #twitterparade #RTEVirtualParade and #StPatricksDay The idea began from a few sources simultaneously as a result of Parade cancellations in Dublin and other cities. A Limerick, Ireland native Mike Mc Loughlin took to the social network tweeting the concept early on – March 9th. Here’s his Tweet:

“Guys I was thinking, there must be kids (and adults) up and down the country who were all set for St Patrick’s day parades and have put lots of work into their floats and costumes…how about a virtual parade on here? One hashtag, share the pics and vids here on the 17th?” – Mike Mc Loughlin (@zuroph)

TWEET FROM #RTEVirtualParade: “So the St. Patrick’s Day parades might not be happening but with your help we’ll create a virtual parade of our own. You could be twirling a baton, dancing a jig or donning the green … just send us your pix or vids using #RTEVirtualParade #StPatricksDay

Socially Sparked

The corona virus make have disrupted our lives and our St. Patrick’s Day Parades around the world, but it CANNOT stop us from celebrating! Living in a digital age has it’s advantages and virtual parades are at the top of the list for holiday celebrations. So while we engage in St. Patrick’s Day at a social distance and in small gatherings, we can remain Socially Sparked! Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2020! — Forever #SociallySparked  Tweet us @sosparkednews

*Updated March 17th, 2020.