Mask Up America Awareness Campaign

The ‘Mask Up’ saying is all the rage these days and the Socially Sparked® Quote of the Week. Awareness campaigns urging the importance of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and stay well are cropping up across the country, state by state. The piece de la resistance is “Mask Up America” – a nationwide campaign created by New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“I wear a mask to protect you and you wear a mask to protect me. It is as simple as that. Mask Up America.” – Mask Up America awareness campaign

Taking a “lessons learned” approach from the first epicenter of the country — New York City – Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to strive for ways to get this important lesson and message across to Americans everywhere. The slate of celebrities lending their voices and talent to the “Mask Up” campaign include Robert De Niro, Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman, John Leguizamo, Anthony Mackie, Rosie Perez, Ellen Pompeo and Jeffrey Wright. Jane Rosenthal, producer and CEO Tribeca Enterprises, produced the series of spots with Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow.

Mask Up Saying quote of the week

“Wearing a mask is essential for protecting one another from contracting COVID-19…We can only beat this virus if we are united as one, not divided by ideology or politics.” – Governor Andrew Cuomo

Mask Up saying quote of the week

Abbe Sparks, Founder, Socially Sparked News

If ever there was a saying that has Socially Sparked our life and continues to do so it is “Mask Up!” Having lived through the first epicenter of COVID-19, I can honestly attest to the importance of wearing a mask to stop the spread! NYC is about to enter a paused-version of Phase 4, but I’ll take that any day. It would not be happening if it weren’t for most New Yorkers wearing a mask. So please, take heed on our quote of the week and “Mask Up.” — Abbe is #SociallySparked  Tweet us @asparks01 & @sosparked