Next generation leader Maiah Wynne is a Gen Xer to watch as she adds her spark to the world. At the youthful age of 19, this young woman Gen Xer is an accomplished singer, songwriter, activist and mentor that has already Socially Sparked® our lives. Socially Sparked News first featured Maiah in 2017 and identified her then as a next gen changemaker.

“Now more than ever I feel that I actually CAN make a difference and that for once I am not so small in this world” — Maiah Wynne, a Socially Sparked Next Gen Changemaker

next generation leader Maiah Wynn
Maiah performing @ Misool Fundraiser. photo by Nina Lee Johnson

The Portland, Oregon-based young woman is an award-winning prolific songwriter who has already penned over 100 songs. She writes songs about anything from politics to feminism to heartbreak. Her music has been featured in over nine different films and her charm and musicianship has led to packed audiences across the northwest.


Socially Sparked News first featured Maiah in 2017 and identified her then as a next gen changemaker. Maiah was part of a Facebook like-minded social media group of singer/songwriters that collaboratively recorded an album for ocean conservation — Ukulele Sirens: Songs of the Sea. Maiah’s ‘A Siren’s Song’ became the lyric video of the album. This was one of several 2017 initiatives Maiah was involved in to make this a better world.

We caught up with the young creative activist and mentor to get her top Socially Sparked moments of last year that helped shape and fuel her creativity and passion to make a difference in the world, and learn more about her plans in 2018 and beyond.


next generation .leader maiah wynne

According to Maiah, 2017 was a crazy year for her. So many amazing things happened including playing at SXSW, going on her first tour, winning a contest that took her to LA, filming some bad ass music videos, getting her song in a feature film that is in theaters now, attending HATCH, helping to save the ocean, and much more.

Here are Maiah’s Top 3 Socially Sparked Moments of 2017 that helped make a difference in the world:

    1. –One very cool thing that happened in 2017 was releasing “A Siren’s Song” as part of the album

“Ukulele Sirens; Songs for the Sea”

    1. . All 15 songs were about the ocean and written by women from around the world. So far our album has raised more than $2,500 for non profit organizations who are helping to keep the ocean blue. These organizations include Midshore Riverkeeper Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 1% For The Planet, and Takuvik Ocean Ecosystems Program. My single, “A Siren’s Song”, also helped to promote Misool Foundation and Wildaid’s fundraiser at Patagonia here in Portland. Together we raised $15,000 for Misool Foundation whose mission is to “safeguard the most biodiverse reefs on Earth”.
      1. –Being invited to be a part of


      1. — a network of world-shapers that mentor and mutually invest in one another. It’s an event for people who are devoted to changing the world. Joining as a

HATCH Groundbreaker

      1. , I met some of the most incredible people and every day we brainstormed ideas on how to make the world a better place – from saving the oceans to social acceptance, empathy and equality to ending global hunger, ending human trafficking and much more. Because of HATCH I now have a drive larger than ever to make a positive impact in the world. I also have direction to make those intentions a reality.
        1. –My third awesome moment of 2017 was working with

Uncut PDX

        1. , a local nonprofit organization whose goal is to make music accessible to kids in the community through workshops, tutoring, engagement, and education. Because of Uncut, I got to mentor and perform with a local high school orchestra for their end of the year concert. We performed for the younger generation at Tualatin Elementary School. I had a wonderful time getting to hang out with these amazing kids.

2018 - Maiah Wynne

next generation leader Maiah Wynne

Maiah can’t wait to help change the world in 2018. She is off and running with several projects in the works on an international, national and local level. She is working on a new project with another HATCHer to help inspire the next generation of creators. On the local front, she will be continuing her volunteer work with Uncut. In April, Maiah will be teaching a songwriting workshop to local high schoolers along with another great female singer-songwriter for the Uncut Youth Experience big event. A third project is with Portland Cello Project , where she will be a special guest plus will be going on a small tour with them this May.

On the music front, most recently Maiah placed 2nd at Sound Off! the Northwest’s 21 and under “battle of the bands” style competition put on by the Museum of Pop Culture. They crowned their first ever female winner Micaiah Sawyer this year! Her Second Place win gives her a spot at Upstream Music Festival.

Maiah Wynne is an inspiration to us all as a next generation leader and changemaker who combines her creative talents with her passion and longing for positive change. To learn more about this young Siren and to listen to her beautiful music, visit We can’t wait to see what she does next. –Abbe is Socially Sparked! — Tweet @sosparkednews & @asparks01