When the Museum of Ice Cream opens its permanent locale in New York City this weekend it hopes that New Yorkers will send screams of approval throughout Manhattan and beyond. The founders hope to create a real world experience that is so captivating and engaging with its attendees that they’ll forget about all their current distractions – mobile devices and social media posting in particular.

Who screams for a NYC ice cream museum?


“It’s always been the intention, to bring people together under a universal love or experience. Ice cream doesn’t have a religion, race, gender, or borderline. It’s happiness, it’s creativity, it’s imagination, it’s nostalgia, it’s memory, and it’s relationships. What ice cream represents allows us to build these rich platforms and allows all these conversations to transpire.  It’s beautiful.” – Mary Ellen Bunn, Founder and CEO, Maryellis Bunn as quoted in Forbes

Who screams for a NYC ice cream museum?

The Soho flagship is adorned with pastel pink doors that entice you to enter the sweet spots of all things ice cream, sugary and goodness. The New York City grand opening is on Saturday, Dec 14, and is already sold out. The flavors of this immersive experience are a sweet blend of playground setting, social media backdrop and, of course, the sweet shop. Tickets are on sale now so if you’re planning to visit, especially during the holiday season rush, hurry up and click here: tickets.museumoficecream.com/event/new-york


Creating events that engage patrons, fans, audiences et. al. is not a new concept. What is now referred to as an experiential event and an activation are just the buzz words of the day.


Who screams for a NYC ice cream museum?

The sixties band The Grateful Dead has been a trend-setter in the ‘touchy-feely’ concert experience long before cell phones and social media. And, they are just one of many event leaders in multiple industries. In fact, for the Dead’s 50th Anniversary Concerts in Chicago, they embraced cell phones as a way of sharing the love and their music. Trust me when I say that nobody was using their phone for anything but spreading the love, music and ‘Dead Head’ experience.

Who screams for a NYC ice cream museum?


Your guess is as good as ours. What age group doesn’t love ice cream? According to MOIC’s website, their philosophy is “We believe in creating beautiful and shareable environments that foster IRL interaction and URL connections, providing fun, multi-sensorial expressions of ice cream that cater to the appetites of our generation.”

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Already a proven concept with four locations, their own brand of ice cream (MOIC) and merch to boot, it is safe to answer the question “Who screams for a New York City Ice Cream Museum.” So get on line and take everyone’s favorite Nanny’s order – have a spoonful of sugar or two. Abbe is Socially Sparked®. Tweet @sosparkednews & @asparks01