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MOJO of MOJO and the Bayou Gypsies know how to l’aissez les bons temps rouler

L’aissez les bons temps rouler a/k/a Let The Good Times Roll is the Socially Sparked Quote of the Week.

(c) Abbe Sparks, Socially Sparked News, LLCIn honor of Mardi Gras 2017 — in high gear through this coming Tuesday, known as Fat Tuesday — this fitting expression truly captures the essence of one that is Socially Sparked!

Through my travels over the last week to three different states, I have personally had the ultimate global warming experience. In Chicago for just two days, I arrived to the balmy temperature of 70+ degrees. The following day, brought rain and 60 degree temps followed by a final day of 20 – 30 degree temps and snow.

Weather can be a real mood enhancer up or down. Given the drastic temperature shift within a 48-hour period, I decided that we need to roll with the shifts and embrace what mother nature brings so as not to let our spirits deflate. Thus—a new meaning for L’aissez Les Bon Temps Rouler.

(c) Abbe Sparks, Socially Sparked News, LLC

L’aissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

Mardi Gras 2017 is on Tuesday, February 28 — always on the Tuesday that is 47 days before Easter and always the day before Ash Wednesday — which is the start of Lent. Carnival season refers to the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras, and officially begins on January 6 every year. Carnival season lasts for more than a month but the parties, parades and fun kick into high gear on the Thursday before Mardi Gras — NOW!

This past Friday, we went to the 20th annual Mardi Gras Show featuring MO Jo and the Bayou Gypsies at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL. Truly, this cajun, zydeco band from N’awlins area captures the essence of “L’aissez Les Bons Temps Roulez.” Happy Mardi Gras! — Abbe is Socially Sparked! @sosparkednews