Five Ways to Celebrate Lipstick Day

Pucker up those lips today to show off your favorite shade of lipstick in honor of National Lipstick Day!  This holiday was first created in the 1940s to celebrate the power and beauty of lipstick. We share some fast facts on the history of lipstick and  five ways to honor the day beautifying your lips.

Lipstick Day


–The art of coloring your lips goes back to ancient times (around 5,000 BC) when women began using crushed gemstones to paint their lips.

–In the 16th Century, Queen Elizabeth made the use of lipstick popular among upper-class women, by using stark white face powder contrasted with crimson lips as her lip beauty choice.

–The first commercially-produced lipstick to hit the market was introduced by French cosmetic company Guerlain in 1884.

–The first National Lipstick Day was established in the 1940s.

–Hollywood legendary actress Marilyn Monroe popularized the Iconic Red Lip look, forever making it an enduring symbol of glamour and sensuality.


— Be a Trend Setter. Create your own Socially Sparked® (inspired) look. Mix up your favorite lip colors to satisfy your desires, however wild it may be.

— Organize. Every women has more than one shade in their collection. Take time on this lip holiday to arrange your lipstick collection by shade, finish or brand.

— Shop. Most cosmetic departments and cosmetic stores have special promotions and discounts going on to celebrate the day. Some even have lipstick givaways, so be sure to hit the stores in person or online.

— Be Bold. Need a confidence booster? Be it bold or just different, You’d be surprised at what a small change like applying a new shade that you’ve never tried before will  do for you and your lips.

— Share. One of the ultimate girl bonding experiences is sharing your beauty secrets and faves with your girlfriends. This holiday offers the perfect time to do just that!

Socially Sparked News

So, pucker up In honor of National Lipstick Day. Be bold, be a trend setter, be confident, be beautiful, feel good and have fun by wearing a new or favorite shade of lipstick. We guarantee you will be Socially Sparked! We are. Tweet us @sosparkednews