Wake Up New York City

Shelter in Place and Poetry with an ode to New York City and accompanying imagery is written by myself, Abbe Sparks, Founder of Socially Sparked News. These unprecedented times living with the corona virus have forced us to lockdown, stay home, practice social and physical distancing, self quarantine, wear facemasks and gloves and limit our outdoor activity.

However, life goes on. In honor of National Poetry Month and its #ShelterinPoetry activity, I share my ode to New York City. Stay safe, stay well and stay home. We are all in this together!

“The days blur into the nights.

Facemasks and gloves are now my sights,

New York City is my home,

The place where I used to be free to roam.” – excerpt from “Wake Up NYC!”


ode to NYC

Living and working in New York City during these unprecedented times has forced us, along with every New Yorker and American, to tweak our game plans for our personal lives and our businesses. March came in like a lion and has yet to leave. April brings showers and blooms and hope for the near future.

As the Founder of Socially Sparked News, I vow to continue our mission of sharing what has inspired / Socially Sparked® our lives. As the world navigates its professional and personal lives digitally, we will be there to keep you Sparked!

Socially Sparked

Stay safe,stay well, stay safe and stay Socially Sparked. We shall flatten the curve and we shall overcome. After all, we are all in this together.  Thank you to Arnie Goodman Photography who contributed truly powerful photos of New York City. — Abbe is forever Socially Sparked! — Tweet @asparks01 & @sosparkednews