We write, sing, stand up for, tweet and unite for Ukraine. Actually and to be politically correct, it is “We Write For”, “We Sing For”, “We Stand Up For”, “We Tweet For” and “We Unite For Ukraine.” These chants are our new normals. Our new mantras.

From that first fateful day of the Russian invasion on Ukraine, the world became one. Whether it is through economic sanctions, through artistic expression or through technology like social media, the world stands together for the Ukrainian people.

United for Ukraine
United for Ukraine: We Write for Ukraine

We Write For Ukraine

Several wonderful movements and initiatives are happening right now to support Ukraine and its people including those folks that are now refugees. This type of human “spark” is exactly what Socially Sparked News is all about. We write today about a few of the projects/movements occurring in the music community to help raise funds for those global citizens in need.

The Chicago and Ukrainian musicians who donated their time to record their version of “We Sing For Ukraine” are: Cheryl Wilson, Olha Tsvyntarna, Vira Boychuk, Sofi Fraser, Yuriy Yaremchuk, Pavel Roytman, Jeff Morrow, Nic Tremulis, Lynne Jordan, Joanie Pollato, Laveeta Renee Robinson, Robin Robinson, Rachel Robinson, Nikki Lynette, Leah Robinson, Susie McCollum, Jacob Najafi, Stella Tate Fitzpatrick and Myles Antelis

"We Sing For Ukraine"

“We Sing For Ukraine” is becoming a movement to raise funds for the orphans via Abundance International. Composer Ira Antelis wrote and produced the song “We Sing For Ukraine” out of disgust after seeing the Russian invasion on the news. He felt powerless and wanted to do something so he turned to music. The song has already been recorded in English and in Ukrainian by various artists, musicians and children across the U.S., first in Chicago, then Los Angeles, New York City and now Nashville. The arrangement has caught on and many vocalists are signing up to be a part of this movement that benefits the Ukrainian orphans.

“We won’t stop until the war ends. We won’t stop until this song has made its way all across the country. We want the people in Ukraine to know that we are thinking of them and that we will sing to raise money as a small way to show support.” – Ira Antelis, Composer/Producer, “We Sing For Ukraine”

We Sing for Ukraine
"We Sing For Ukraine" benefiting the orphans

On March 21st Broadway legend and Tony Award-Winning Actor Ben Vereen along with top vocalists from Broadway and the New York City music community recorded their version of Ira’s song “We Sing For Ukraine” at the iconic Power Station on the West Side of the City. To donate, simply download the song for $1.00 or visit the website. 100 percent of the proceeds goes directly to benefiting the Ukrainian orphans.

To learn more about “We Sing For Ukraine” visit: www.wesingforukraine.com

We Sing For Ukraine
Ctr: lft: Susan Collins, Ben Vereen & Ira Antelis with some of the NYC Vocalists at Recording Session for We Sing For Ukraine

To view the Recording of Ben Vereen, Broadway and New York Sing For Ukraine click here: NY SINGS

The New York musicians and actors who donated their time to contribute to this worthy cause are: Ben Vereen, Miguel Cervantes, Carrie Lyn Brandon, Danielle Bowen,  Dennis Collins, Susan Collins, Steve Conte, Ada Dyer, Bella Fisher, Elaine Goff, Sharon Jerry-Collins, Will Lee, Bill Nolte, Nicki Richards, Vaneese Thomas, Gregory Toroia, Russell Velasquez, Leslie Warren and Ellen Wolooshin.

"We Stand Up For Ukraine"

The 64th annual GRAMMY Awards® is partnering with Global Citizen for the “Stand Up For Ukraine” campaign with a live segment during the telecast on Sunday, April 3rd. The live segment  is meant to raise awareness about the situation in Ukraine and will feature opportunities for viewers to take action and contribute to the global “Stand Up For Ukraine” campaign.

We Tweet For Ukraine

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently appealed to the international community on behalf of his citizens who have been displaced and injured by the war.

“On April 8, the biggest online event ‘Social Media Rally’ will support people who were forced to flee Ukraine. I’m inviting everybody: musicians, actors, athletes, businessmen, politicians, everybody. Everyone who wants to join this movement and ‘Stand Up for Ukraine.'” — Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Global Citizen has played a leading role, along with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in organizing an April 9 “Stand Up For Ukraine” pledging summit to help mobilize funding to support humanitarian efforts for Ukraine, and to show support to refugees everywhere. Hundreds of world-renowned musicians and artists have pledged to join the global social rally and urge world leaders to commit to aiding refugees.

To learn more about “Stand Up For Ukraine” campaign visit www.forukraine.com.

United for Ukraine

The mantras We Write For, We Sing For, We Stand Up For and We Tweet For all demonstrate how We Unite For Ukraine. These initiatives display the extraordinary singular commitment by the world’s leaders, citizens and talented artists to support a fellow country and its innocent citizens under siege. – Abbe is Socially Sparked! Tweet us at @sosparkednews or @asparks01