Long live mom and pop business owners, especially today on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. While at first glance the large retail chains and online giant merchants may seem to be a death sentence to the small business owner, perception is deceiving. Here’s why.

long live mom and pop business

The mom and pop stores of yore and those of today have Socially Sparked our lives and continue to do so. They are the fabric of every town in the USA’s Main Street. They are our friendly neighborhood gathering places. These businesses are important and positive community connectors and will always thrive in the small town, if not in the big city.

Every year on March 29th, we celebrate the Mom and Pop Business Owner. The holiday was established by Rick and Margie Segel in honor of their parents and the successful hat shop they opened in 1939. That shop grew into a 10,000 square foot, $2 million dollar clothing shop. This small business owner holiday is a way to appreciate the long hours, hard work and dedication it takes to run a small business, and to say thank you.

Today and everyday support your local mom and pop business in your community. Let’s help them continue to thrive and spark our lives. — We are Socially Sparked! Tweet @sosparkednews.