Nighthawks and Bob Margolin Get Muddy at Iridium

nighthawksbobmargolin_iridium2016-017A Tribute to Blues Legend Muddy Waters is the order of the month. This week’s concert by the Nighthawks featuring Bob Margolin at New York City’s the Iridium ranks as one of the best in my Blues book.

Yes, it appears to be Muddy Water’s month, a time to celebrate his legacy and reaffirm the Blues legend’s rightful place in history and music. Muddy Waters is the essence of one that has Socially Sparked our lives. His legacy lives on through his music, his former bandmates, musicians, The Rolling Stones and his children — second generation bluesmen Mud Morganfield and Big Bill Morganfield, and Joseph and Mercy Morganfield.

Guitarist Bob Margolin

Guitarist Bob Margolin

Paying homage to his friend and former bandmate, guitarist Bob Margolin — playing along with legendary blues and roots rock band The Nighthawks — did not disappoint the New York City audience. Margolin captivated the crowd with personal recollections of his time with Muddy Waters and provided a glimpse into the legend, himself.


“The future of the blues is bright.” — Bob Margolin


Here are a few pictorial moments from Sunday’s show: Nighthawks featuring Bob Margolin in a fitting intimate Tribute to Muddy Waters at The Iridium in New York City.  — Abbe is Socially Sparked! @sosparkednews


Nighthawks Featuring Bob Margolin Get Muddy at NYC’s Iridium Jazz Club, December 11th, 2016



Paul Bell and Bob Margolin


Mark Wenner, Vocals/Harp, Nighthawks

Bob Margolin

Bob Margolin


Nighthawks at The Iridium Jazz Club