NYC’s Second Avenue Subway turns 1 and there’s a lot to celebrate. It’s been nearly 100 years since the subway expansion began. The $4.45 billion project has Socially Sparked® riders, New Yorkers and visitors lives.

The first phase of the expansion provides service to the Upper East Side of Manhattan from 96th St. to 63rd St. as an extension of the Q Line train. In total, three new stations were completed: 72nd St., 86th St. and 96th St.

Since opening, the Second Avenue Subway has provided service to more than 200,000 riders daily traveling on the Upper East Side, decreased crowding by as much as 13% on an average weekday and reduced travel times by upwards of 10 minutes. An added bonus is the boost it has given to businesses on the Upper East Side.


In one of the most ambitious public art projects put forth by the Metropolitan Transit Authority ($4.5 million dollars), the Second Avenue Subway stations house the largest permanent public art installation in New York State history commissioned through MTA Arts & Design.

Four renowned contemporary artists were chosen out of a pool of more than 300 high profile applicants, beginning in 2009. The four artists are: Chuck Close; Sarah Sze; Vik Muniz and Jean Shin. Details about each artist, their world-class installations plus a map of all the art can be found by visiting the MTA Art & Design website.

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