Social Justice Messages in a Super Bowl Ad

This year’s pricey Super Bowl Ad spots did not deter some brands to advertise their social responsibility messages for social change. The ad spots came at the high price of $5.6 million dollars, and that’s just for a thirty second spot! Yet, social justice messages flooded the Big Game’s Ads in 2020 reflective of the times – sans political slants – and Socially Sparked® our lives.

pricey super bowl ads that socially sparked

Like many brands, Socially Sparked News went on hiatus from covering last year’s Supber Bowl Commercials – a tradition stemming back to when we were a standalone blog on

pricey ads that socially sparked


The 2020 commercials are reflective of the new decade and the pressing global issues as well as the U.S. domestic social and political climate. Advertisers didn’t miss this beat as many of the ads reflect a lighter tone, humor and old school comfort to address these very issues. (Snickers fix the world as the solution to the world’s problems and Heinz find the goodness featuring four.)


A few of the issues highlighted during this year’s Big Game included: Diversity, Equality, Gun Violence, Kindness, Environment, Farmland, Space and Girls Who Code, Next Gen Leaders, Caring, Alzheimer’s, Women Leaders, Family and Cancer.


Socially Sparked News

Clearly we enter the new decade seeking resolutions to our most pressing global and national concerns. The high-priced 2020 Super Bowl Ads Socially Sparked our lives this year as they delicately raised awareness for these issues while bringing us the humor, comfort and entertainment we so desperately want and need. — Abbe is #SociallySparked!  — Tweet us @sosparkednews & @asparks01

* All views are our own and in no way were influenced monetarily or otherwise by the brands mentioned in this article.