It’s back in live action! Record Store Day 2022 returns full throttle to a single day format with a few caveats. Due to the uncertain times we all are living in RSD has made some contingencies in preparation for the unexpected.

Record Store Day Returns
Record Store Day 2022 returns

The global pandemic affected record stores worldwide in 2020. That year, Record Store Day 2020 morphed into three RSD Drops dates– August 29, September 26 and October 24– and split the official List of releases between them. The focus wasn’t on parties, and shows but on celebrating the comfort, joy and fun that they bring their customers through what they sell. Record stores proved essential to their communities even during a pandemic.

Record Store Day returns
Taylor Swift is the first-ever Global Ambassador for Record Store Day

This year Taylor Swift serves as the ambassador to Record Store Day. In honor of her work in support of record stores throughout her career Taylor is the first-ever Global Ambassador. Fact: The very first RSD of April 19, 2008, Metallica played a live performance at Rasputin Music in San Francisco. Make sure to check with the local stores in your area to see what special festivities are happening to celebrate today.

RECORD STORE DAY 2.0 for 2022

Flash forward to 2022 and spring renewal. RSD is celebrating it’s 15th year as it returns to a single day format, fully back in action – well sort of.  2022 brings Record Store Day 2.0 with over 17,000 releases. To view the list visit the website:


Straight from the RSD website here are some important details to make note of:

*This is the US website, and the titles listed here are offered to US record stores. Many other countries participate in Record Store Day and RSD Drops and many record stores in those countries may have some of these releases. Check with your local record store if you’re not in the US. (NOTE: for all kinds of reasons, some titles may be offered and available in some countries but not others. Record Store Day has no control over that.)

*The List of titles may change. Titles may be added, titles may drop off, information may be amended. Record Store Day does not own or produce the releases (with the exception of those we create ourselves.) The information on each title has been provided to us by labels and distributors and is correct to the best of our knowledge.

*Speaking of changes: everyone is still going through them right now, including your local record store employees. They are doing everything they can to get you the titles you want, but some things, like pressing plant emergency quarantines, or part-time new shipping facility workers learning from their mistakes or a boat blocking the Suez canal, are beyond their control and LEGITIMATELY MAY AFFECT THEIR ABILITY TO GET YOU YOUR RECORDS. Let’s all be nice and patient and understanding, especially if we’re talking about Days or titles meant to celebrate and support indie record stores.

Socially Sparks

Welcome back Record Store Day. Music has Socially Sparked® our lives in so many ways. It has become an even more important part of our way of life over these past few years as we all sheltered in place, experienced lockdown and social distancing. We encourage you to take advantage of this year’s impressive and exciting list of music releases, support your local record store and simply enjoy! – Abbe is Socially Sparked! Tweet us @sosparkednews & @asparks01