La Fête de la Musique Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

La Fête de la Musique, aka Music Day, Make Music Day or World Music Day, celebrates its 40th anniversary around the world from Paris to New York City on the summer solstice. The annual music celebration takes place on June 21st. It’s a festive time where citizens and residents are urged to play music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks.

World Music Day
World Music Day initiated in Paris 40 years ago

Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, La Fête de la Musique was initially created in 1982 by the Ministry of Culture. Since its creation, rural municipalities and small, medium and large cities of France have invested in making June 21 a privileged moment, an expression of musical life as a whole and a reflection of its permanent dynamism with free concerts, the support of SACEM, the media relay, the support of local authorities and the growing membership of the population.

Today, the Music Festival has become one of the biggest French cultural events with an international echo. It has become a national event in several countries (Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia), and has been carried by major metropolitan cities such as New York, Berlin or Mexico City. By adapting to the cultural specificities of each country, La Fête de la Musique has been able to invent itself, reinvent itself, and become an emblematic international musical event!

World Music Day
France Rocks celebrates La Fete de La Musique at Summerstage with headliner, rapper MC Solaar

France Rocks NYC & La Fête De La Musique at SummerStage

The fifth annual France Rocks NYC runs the entire month of June and 2022 marks the return of its live show presentations throughout the city. The musical month always culminates with its grand celebration at SummerStage – La Fête de la Musique. This year’s headliners are legendary hip hop artist MC Solaar, and performances by Hyphen Hyphen and Bon Entendeu.

France Rocks SummerFest is the largest festival of French music in the US, bringing annually the most exciting music coming out of France today, as well as international artists who draw their inspiration from French culture. This year features a high-profile line-up of electronic, jazz, world music, and pop/rock artists. For the full line-up visit:

France Rocks SummerFest is supported in part by NY Music Month and through partnerships with France Rocks, French Institute Alliance Francaise, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Make Music New York, French Morning, A2IM Indie Week, SummerStage in Central Park, and the Lincoln Center.

Socially Sparks

The summer solstice sets the stage for the official start to summer and live music outdoors. Everyone should take advantage of the warm months of the season, the break in the pandemic surges and the outdoor cultural delights the world has to offer. If you get the chance, wherever you are in the world on June 21st, take in a live musc event to celebrate 40 years of World Music Day aka Make Music Day aka La Fete de La Musique! — Abbe is Socially Sparked! Tweet @sosparkednews & @asparks01