Innovation for a Green Future

World IP Day sparks innovation from a social distance in 2020. Every year on April 26th since 2000, the World celebrates the role that intellectual property plays on encouraging innovation and creativity across the globe.

Initially created to increase the understanding of intellectual property, the commemorative day now shows how IP contributes to the flourishing of music and the arts and to driving the technological innovation that helps shape our world.

Celebrating IP Day in a Pandemic World

To adjust to our world’s current reality of the coronavirus pandemic and the need to keep everyone safe and well, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)  encourages the World IP Day community to move celebrations to virtual channels and celebrate at a social distance.  The high number of World IP Day physical events have been cancelled around the world.

Innovate for a Green Future is the 2020 campaign theme. The campaign puts innovation – and the IP rights that support it – at the heart of efforts to create a green future. The explanation is simply stated:

“The choices we make every day, the products we buy, the research we fund, the companies we support, and the policies and laws we develop, will determine how green our future is. But with innovative thinking and strategic use of IP rights, sustainability is within reach.” — World Intellectual Property Organization, Our Commitment

Socially Sparked Registered Trademark

Creators – who through the copyright and trademark system – play a key role in creating a vision of a green future and its untold benefits. Trademarks such as Socially Sparked® and other identifiers support the emergence and growth of businesses built on principles of environmental sustainability, enabling them to offer a broader range of eco-friendly products and services.

Socially Sparked

Socially Sparked Advocacy spotlights the people, organizations, companies, places and events that have inspired and continue to inspire our lives. We celebrate World Intellectual Property Day today from a social distance. There are many virtual events happening on April 26th to commemorate World IP Day’s theme of innovation for a green future. A good start is through social media using the hashtag #worldipday  — We are forever #SociallySparked  Tweet us @sosparked news & @asparks01

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