Action: Word of the Day

Apathy to Action through Art is the So Sparked Quote of the Week. The quote comes from the executive director of Ripple Effect Artists, Inc. an Actor’s Equity, Off-Broadway 501 (c) 3 theatre company and non-profit organization that advocates for social justice and human rights through its productions to affect positive action.


“…from Apathy to Action through art to create a Ripple Effect in the larger community.” — Jessie Fahay, Executive Director of Ripple Effect Artists

She Has a Name

National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Image from Ripple Effect Artists Off-Broadway production, SHE HAS A NAME about human trafficking. Debuts 1/18/17.

Ripple Effect Artists’ 2017 social justice issue is human trafficking. Their production of SHE HAS A NAME by Andrew Kooman debuts on January 18th in New York City Off-Broadway, with additional dates of January 25th and February 1st.  Each performance follows with a talk-back to further educate and evoke the audience to take action. To learn more and for tickets to one of these three charity performances visit Ripple Effect Artists website.

Earlier this month, we highlighted January’s many health awareness and cause observances, including Human Trafficking Month.

Take a page from Jessie Fahay and Ripple Effect Artists this week and take Action! — Abbe is Socially Sparked. @sosparkednews