The chef of the century Paul Bocuse — as French paper Le Monde refers to him — is dead at 91. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron announced Chef Bocuse’s death last night citing that he passed away in his sleep.

chef of century paul bocuse

Chef Bocuse socially sparked® Lyon, his country and the world. Credited for spearheading the nouvelle cuisine movement, Bocuse was one of the most revered chefs by his peers, fans, students and patrons and referred to as the ‘pope de la gastronomie cuisine.

AP Paris reports, In a joint statement Saturday, Bocuse’s immediate family said that “more than a father and husband, he is a man of heart, a spiritual father, an emblematic figure of world gastronomy and a French flagship who is gone.”

Bocuse’s country and the world mourn the Chef of the Century. His legacy lives on in perpetuity. RIP Chef Bocuse. – Socially Sparked®