February sparks colorful love in awareness observances for many fabulous health and social justice causes. It’s the month of love; the awareness month for Black History, Heart Disease, Stroke, Teenage Dating Violence and more — guaranteed to get you Socially Sparked®.

Awareness Weeks in February spotlight Burn Awareness (2/4-10); Random Acts of Kindness (2/11-17) and Eating Disorders (2/26-3/4). February’s designated Days include National Girls and Women in Sports Day (2/1); Give Kids A Smile Day (2/2), Random Acts of Kindness Day (2/17) and Love Your Pet Day (2/20).


SHARE THE LOVE – The perfect time for the month of love and Valentine’s Day as the country still seeks comfort, justice and peace. Below, we highlight a few shining observances and initiatives to jump start your month of love.

February sparks awareness and observances

GO RED FOR WOMEN/AMERICAN HEART MONTHGo Red For Women is the American Heart Association’s national movement to end heart disease and stroke in women.

The campaign asks everyone to wear red on National Wear Red Day® which is Friday, February 2nd, 2018, and is designed to encourage others to make the time to Know Your Numbers. Five numbers to be exact, that all women should know to take control of their heart health:

    Total Cholesterol
    HDL (good) Cholestoral
    Blood Pressure
    Blood Sugar
    Body Mass Index (BMI).

Knowing these numbers can help women and their healthcare provider determine their risk for developing cardiovascular diseases..

AMERICAN HEART MONTH 2018 – This year’s focus is on the younger adult demographic (ages 35 – 65) as national trends show heart disease death rates are declining more slowly than they have in the past — especially among this age group.

All February and year-round the CDC Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Million Hearts® organizations are letting younger adults know they’re not immune to heart disease, and that they can reduce their risk through lifestyle changes and by managing medical conditions.

Five Key Messages:

Find Time to be Active
Make Healthy Eating a Habit
Quit Tobacco – for Good
Know Your Numbers and
Stick to the Script

TEEN DATING VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH – A national effort with the goal of decreasing the prevalence of dating abuse among young people. Activists, community leaders and national and local organizations annually raise awareness about dating abuse, promote programs that support young people and encourage communities to prevent this form of abuse.

2018’s Theme is Healthy Me, Healthy We! a journey of self-love, positivity, and strength. Let’s Be Real, Break the Cycle’s youth movement wanted a theme this year that spoke to the importance of realizing how amazing each person is as an individual. In keeping with these wishes, the 2018 theme stands to remind each and every teen that they are good enough, deserve to spend their time and energy as they wish, and they are ALWAYS worthy of a love that builds them up – especially love from themself.

WEAR ORANGE 4 LOVE DAYFebruary 13th – held on the second Tuesday of each February. The Day was started by the National Youth Advisory Board from loveisrespect.org to raise awareness about teen dating abuse.

February sparks colorful love awareness observances

BLACK HISTORY MONTH – The 2018 theme — “African Americans in Times of War” — commemorates the centennial of the end of the First World War in 1918, and explores the complex meanings and implications of this international struggle and its aftermath. The founders of Black History Month are ASALH The Association for the Study of African American Life and History, which was founded by Carter G. Woodson.

The focus this month is on the roles of African Americans in every American war, from the Revolutionary War Era to that of the present War against Terrorism. Times of War provide tmany stories related to African American soldiers and sailors, veterans, and civilians. This year’s theme is filled with paradoxes of valor and defeat, of civil rights opportunities and setbacks, of struggles abroad and at home, of artistic creativity and repression, and of catastrophic loss of life and the righteous hope for peace.

Share the love this February. With so many wonderful social justice and health initiatives, holidays and color days to choose from, you are bound to be Socially Sparked. — Abbe is Socially Sparked! Tweet @sosparkednews & @asparks01.