Nelson Mandela Day calls for a global call to action to inspire change. The new era holds much promise for positive change after a stall in action these past few years due to the pandemic. The 13th annual Nelson Mandela International Day will address global warming and sustainability with the United Nations campaign ActNow.


Each year on JULY 18th the world celebrates Nelson Mandela International Day to spotlight the legacy of a great statesman, a fierce advocate for equality and the founding father of peace in South Africa. Born on this day in 1918, this is the 13th annual Mandela Day.

The Day was inspired by a call Mandela made for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices — “it is in your hands now.”

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For Nelson Mandela International Day 2023, it is the vision of the Nelson Mandela Foundation for the world to unite and act decisively against the consequences of climate change and food insecurity.

The theme for 2023 is — “The Legacy Lives on Through You: Climate, Food, and Solidarity,” which emphasizes the relevance of Mandela’s legacy in addressing contemporary issues.


“Now, more than ever, humanity needs to confront climate change, persistent and increasing levels of poverty, as well as inequality.” — Nelson Mandela



Mandela day sparks global action
By Darren Glanville from Acle, Norfolk, UK (Nelson Mandela Capture Site) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Nelson Mandela’s fierce determination and passionate advocacy for human rights and fundamental freedoms changed the 20th century and helped shape the 21st. His vision of humanity as one; of women and men united around their essential dignity, brought together by their shared aspirations for a better world — is still the mantra of today. In times of turbulence, Nelson Mandela shows us the power of resisting oppression, of justice over inequality, of dignity over humiliation, of forgiveness over hatred.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation continues the great statesman’s legacy. Created by Mandela in 1999, the Foundation’s vision and the movement he spearheaded contributes to the making of a just society that remembers its past, listens to all voices, and pursues social justice for all.

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Nelson Mandela Socially Sparked® our lives forever and his beliefs and messages stand the test of time. On this Mandela Day 2023, take part in the global call to action to inspire change. As the movement says — ‘Make Every Day a Mandela Day”. After all, #ItIsInYourHands! The pursuit of a better world continues… — We are  #SOCIALLYSPARKED ! Tweet @sosparkednews and @asparks01