Passion - The So Sparked Word of the Day.

So Sparked Quote of the Week:

“Do it with Passion or Not at All” — Rosa Nochette Carey

So Sparked Quote of the Week



 Top 10 Socially Sparked New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year

As we ring in 2017, here are our top 10 Socially Sparked New Year Resolutions. Our bucket list for the New Year begins with Passion. Happy and Healthy first day of January to all our readers. Let’s make some exciting Sparks!

  1. Passion
  2. Peace
  3. Love
  4. Health
  5. Prosperity
  6. Equality
  7. Clean Air
  8. Increase Organic Growth of our social media channels
  9. Increase our Readership
  10. Attain the Global Goals 2030


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