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First cousins: 22-year-old cousin #2 and five-year-old cousin #1 are American Girl’s Now & Forever.

She’s an American Girl Now is the story of two first cousins ages eight and 25 years old who proudly shared their American Girl Doll (AGD) experience with Socially Sparked News. in 2016. Today, they are still joined at the hip as loving cousins and American Girls

Taking a page from the Truly Me collection and to protect the little girl’s privacy we will refer to the first cousins as cousin #1 and cousin #2.


American Girl Now

The American Girl Dolls Truly Me Line

Thank heavens for little girls for without them, The American Girl Doll Company would be remiss. And, so would we.

In the world of make believe for girls everywhere, one of the most beloved objects of their affection over the past three decades are the dolls known as American Girl.

Created in 1986 by Pleasant Company founder  Pleasant Rowland, who’s vision to create historical dolls focusing on girlhood came to fruition and beyond. The company was sold to Mattel, Inc. in 1998. Despite the massive toy corporation’s ownership, The American Girl Doll holds true to its initial intent.


American Girl Now

American Girl Doll Store, 5th Avenue, NYC

American Girl Now

American Girl Doll Cafe, NYC

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American Girl Doll Store, 5th Avenue, NYC

American Girl Now

American Girl Doll Salon



American Girl Now

Truly Me line by American Girl Doll

When cousin #2 learned that her five-year-old first cousin longed for An American Girl Doll, she knew what would make the ideal holiday present — an outing at The American Girl Doll Store with her cousin and their moms to select the perfect look alike doll.  All residing in the New York area, they arranged to visit the 5th Avenue store in New York City and begin the day at the AGD cafe for holiday brunch.

An American Girl Doll owner herself, cousin #2 couldn’t wait to share this experience with her cousin. Unfortunately, the day before the outing cousin #1 came down with the stomach flu and could not join her. To salvage the disappointment for both cousins, #2 stayed the course and shared the brunch and store visit experience with her mom.

Together they would select the perfect doll for #1 with the help of an iphone camera and phone calls to #1’s mom.


American Girl NowRevisitng your childhood is filled with nostalgia and the same holds true here.

I should note that having the AGD experience at 22 with your mom was a fun quality time bonding moment, but not without some wrinkles.

Decisions that moms normally would make or have a major say in — like selections on the doll’s clothes and accessories — were not the case the second time around.

Little girls eventually grow up to have minds of their own. And, they aren’t necessarily the exact same as their moms. This is a wonderful thing and part of the magic of AGD — to help foster individuality among young girls.  For moms, it is an interesting dynamic — for daughters will always be their little girls — no matter how old they get.


Cousin #1 is over the top with her new holiday gift

Truly Me Doll #39

The holidays may be over but the residual effects of happy times and favorite gifts carry us into January.

This sentiment holds true for first cousin #1 as she is completely joined by the hip to her recent present from her cousins and aunt – the Truly Me Doll #39 – from American Girl Doll Company.



There was only one size doll available — the Look a Likes (now known as Truly Me), and The American Girls Collection™ (now BeForever™). Born in 1986, this Doll Collection all had names and came with a book about their history and life. This is AGD’s signature line of historical dolls, books and accessories, which connects girls ages 8 and up with inspiring characters and stories from America’s past. Currently there are nine in the line and eight archived historical character dolls. One of those is Kirsten, who was archived in 2010.


She's An American Girl

Bitty Baby

Cousin #2 was first introduced to American Girl in 1999 at the age of five. Starting with a Bitty Baby™ (1986); quickly she transitioned to her first full-sized doll the following year. The American Girls Collection character doll named Kirsten Larsen — came with a book series about her history and life. The doll was one of only three that launched with the company launch.

Lucky that cousin #2 grew up in Chicago where the first flagship retail store was located. The ultimate experience for any little girl, complete with an American Girl Revue musical show. The Revue is no longer, but there are many additions to the AGD experience that almost make up for its loss.

Additions include last year’s 14.5 inch character doll line WellieWishers™, geared for the five to seven-year-old set. This line includes character books, garden-themes accessories, an animated series and free app.

Girl of the Year™ line was added in 2001, which gives voice to a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds through inspiring, relatable characters that instil a sense of pride in girls. This year’s Girl of the Year is Gabriela McBride, the first African-American Doll as Girl of the Year. She loves to dance, teaches children about poetry and wants to save her community center.

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socially sparked newsThe shared American Girl Doll experience of two first cousins is a testament to the founder’s vision that the beloved characters be shared and passed on from generation to generation. The company’s social purpose dolls (Girl of the Year) and long-standing commitment to charity set a mode example and lesson of giving back and paying it forward for little girls everywhere. — Abbe is Socially Sparked. @sosparkednews