Top 5 Ways to Eat a Cheese Pizza

Slice through the cheese and pie up with your favorite style of pizza in honor of National Cheese Pizza Day. Each year on September 5th we celebrate the original Pizza Pie topping with its oozing melted cheese to kick-off the Fall season.

slice through the cheese
Cheese Pizza has Socially Sparked® our lives for over a century in the U.S.

Top 5 Ways to Eat a Cheese Pizza

  1. Folded
  2. One-handed holding the crust
  3. Knife and Fork
  4. Fingers – slice in bite-size squares
  5. Open-wide and go for the whole slice
Cheese Pizza Slice
Cheese pizza by the slice is a top way to eat the fave food

Cheese Pizza's U.S. Origins

LATE 19th and EARLY 20th CENTURIES: Italian immigrants began coming to the United States for factory jobs. So did millions of Europeans. Now in America, the Neapolitans began creating their crusty pizzas in New York and other American cities of Trenton, NJ; New Haven, CT; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL, and St. Louis, MO. Although not intentional, the pizza aromas began infiltrating these cities enticing soon-to-be pizza consumers of diverse nationalities.

1st US PIZZERIA (1905) – The first documented pizzeria in the United States dates back to 1905. It was called G. LOMBARDI’S on Spring Street in Manhattan’s Little Italy. Before then, pizzas in the US were homemade or sold by unlicensed sellers. LOMBARDI’S became the first establishment licensed to sell pizza in 1905. America’s first pizzeria is still in existence today, still in Little Italy and still adding that Socially Sparked flavor to our lives.

POST WORLD WAR II in US – As the Italian-American US population continued to increase, so did the cities and states offering their pizza. They settled in the east, west, south, north and everywhere in between. Soon after World War II, pizza’s popularity boomed. People began identifying the cheesy fare as a fast, fun food. Depending on which part of the country you hailed, pizza variations emerged as California-gourmet pizzas, Chicago’s deep dish, et al. Diversity in toppings grew as well: barbecued chicken, chocolate, pineapple, avocado to smoked salmon.

Socially Sparked

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day. Any way you slice it, the Italian cuisine dish has Socially Sparked® our lives since the 19th Century. The new decade of COVID-19, social distancing, outdoor-only dining and quarantine has only elevated our cravings to indulge in one of America’s favorite past times – Pizza. Whether it’s by the slice or whole, delivery or dine-outdoors and, even make your own – today is a day to celebrate the traditional pizza pie, without the extra toppings. So, slice through the cheese and Enjoy!   Abbe is #SociallySparked – Tweet her @sosparkednews or @asparks01