Twenty two thousand pills on the wall make up the Opioid Memorial heading to Washington, DC Thursday, April 12th thru April 18th. Using art as a catalyst for awareness, education and social change . each pill is carved with a face to represent the 22,000 victims lost in 2015 to prescription opioid overdose.

twenty two thousand opioid pills on wall

Prescribed to Death: A Memorial to the Victims of the Opioid Crisis is part of a nationwide education campaign that puts a face on the worst drug problem in U.S. history. One in four Americans has been directly impacted by opioid misuse, according to a recent National Safety Council (NSC) survey. Furthermore, 40% do not consider it a threat to their family. To spotlight the sheer magnitude of the crisis, the NSC launched last November Prescribed to Death – a multifaceted exhibit aimed at changing Americans’ attitudes toward opioids.

As part of a partnership with the Executive Office of the President, the Department of the Interior and the National Parks Service, the Memorial will visit the Ellipse in President’s Park at the White House April 12-18.
The Memorial personalizes an issue President Donald Trump declared a public health emergency last fall.

twenty two thousand opiod pills on wall

The Memorial exhibit includes resources to help visitors safely dispose of unused pills in their homes and facilitate discussions with prescribers about alternatives to opioids.

    >Guests receive first-of-their-kind “Opioids: Warn Me” labels to affix to their insurance cards. The purpose is to empower them to engage in a dialogue with prescribers about the risks of taking opioids and whether there are other pain relief options available

    >Pre-Paid Mail Envelopes will be provided to visitors thanks to Chicago-based waste disposal company Stericycle — to help visitors easily get rid of unused medications

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