Perfect Time to Honor a Volunteer

Volunteer Awareness Week. (c) Socially Sparked News

Volunteer Awareness Week Starts April 23, 2017. Photo credit: Socially Sparked News

Volunteer Awareness Week starts today in the United States and Canada. The week begins Sunday April 23rd and runs through April 29th.

In recognition of the countless individuals in the U.S. who devote their time and resources to a huge variety of causes, Volunteer Week was first established in 1974. Each year since, every sitting President issues a special proclamation in honor of volunteers. A number of awards are presented for outstanding service including the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” — Mother Teresa

The theme for 2017 National Volunteer Awareness Week is Service Unites

The theme for 2017’s National Volunteer Week is Service Unites, to capture the power of changemakers to come together to build stronger, more vibrant communities through service.

Volunteer Week is also celebrated annually in Canada, dating back to the Second World War, when women were celebrated for their part in supporting the war effort on the home front.

There are many ways to take part. Salute yourself, a friend, neighbor or colleague you know who exemplifies volunteerism. Nominate someone you admire for a volunteering award or share your favorite cause on social media.

By celebrating volunteers and their work, it is the hope to inspire more people to donate their time to local, national or global causes. A perfect time to find an opportunity to volunteer yourself in your community or take part on a larger scale, so take advantage.

There’s no time like the present. Find your passion point and Volunteer today! — Abbe is Socially Sparked. @sosparkednews @asparks01