New York, New York - Pop-Up Kinda' Town

New York City is now a pop-up kinda’ town.  The Bronx may be up and the Battery is definitely down, but everything’s coming up pop-ups. The most recent is the giant Saks Fifth Avenue fashion-adorned Carousel in Rockefeller Plaza.

The Carousel Pop-Up is located directly across from the Flagship Saks at Rockefeller Plaza and will remain up through Tuesday, September 10 at 5:00pm. You can take a two-minute ride on the Carousel which is free to the public and holds a maximum of 20 people at a time.

The luxury Saks designed amusement ride is 30-feet tall and has gold and silver disco balls that hang from its ceiling. There are plenty of spots to take selfies for Instagram or simply for memories sake. Its’ unconventional seating includes two white Saks horses, plus seats based on items represented inside the store like a perfume bottle, sneaker and lipstick throne. And, of course, nothing would be complete without the iconic NYC subway car. If this isn’t enough of a celebration, there’s also a DJ and singers to get the crowd bopping.

The gold-toned Carousel was built by the Hudson Bay Company creative team in partnership with IMG LIVE, and is presented by Mastercard.

New York City now a pop-up kinda town

One of the best parts for adults – if you take a ride, you’ll get a sticker that says so – which enables you to a $50 gift card at Saks Fifth Avenue after spending $250 at the iconic store.  The promotion is only good thru Tuesday, September 10th, as well.


The 95th Saks Fifth Avenue Anniversary Carousel is not the only one popping into the big apple town. In just the past few weeks, several ticketed pop-ups have come to New York City as Socially Sparked News reported.  New York is now a pop-up kinda’ town. In SoHo there was the weekend experiential Missy Elliott Pop-Up Museum in advance of the Video Music Awards to promote the show and its Video Vanguard Honoree. And, from now thru October 6th in SoHo is the Friends TV SHOW Pop-Up and Retail Store to celebrate that iconic sitcom’s 25th Anniversary.  Both of these interactive events sold out within two hours.

Yes friends, New York, New York is now a Pop-Up kinda’ town.  Something that leaves us SociallySparked®!  We are.  #SociallySparked Tweet @sosparkednews