The FCC shoots down net neutrality regulations today in a 3-2 vote. The vote comes despite the millions of letters, appeals and more from internet providers, users and businesses. But, ‘it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.’

FCC shoots down net neutrality

The internet – one of the most remarkable, technological and innovative developments of our time – will cease to desist as we know it if the FCC has its way. However, Congress can Stop The FCC and overrule their vote using the Congressional Review Act. Expect a flurry of groups to continue advocating to reverse the FCC’s decision. One such group, BattleForTheNet will be actively campaigning for each and every citizen and business to keep the pressure on Congress.

FCC shoots down net neutrality regulations

According to Socially Sparked News contributing writer, digital/technology veteran Marc Tayer, the Net Neutrality rules were working well as a watchdog in favor of an open Internet, without stifling investment or innovation.

“Today’s FCC reversal represents a big step back from an open Internet, a stacking of the deck in favor of content gatekeepers and powerful incumbents. In the absence of strong net neutrality rules, we risk the Internet becoming another ‘walled garden’ – with fast lanes for the select few and slow lanes for the rest. — Marc Tayer, digital/technology veteran & author of Televisionaries

To reiterate an earlier sentiment from our story Will Net Neutrality Become a Distant Memory? — ‘Whatever happens, there will likely be more legal challenges. Perhaps the Supreme Court will be the ultimate arbiter. Who knew that the Internet would be so complicated?’ – Abbe is Socially Sparked®! Tweet @sosparkednews & @asparks01

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