Nostalgic power and Toys R Us’ return to glory. Yes, it’s true. The toy retailer officially opened it’s first brick and mortar store last week in New Jersey, with more on the way. Houston is slated next. It was only last year that we bid adieu to the ‘80s iconic toy store. You heard it here first. Back then we wrote that ‘Toys R Us was closing its toy box to the world forever — at least for now. While this news is bittersweet for every child that grew up as a ‘Toys ‘R Us Kid‘, never say forever. ‘

Nostalgic power & Toys R Us' return

The retail chain and its beloved mascot – Geoffrey Giraffe have Socially Sparked® the lives of millions of children of the ’80s and ’90s. The new Toys R Us store is located on the second floor of The Westfield Garden Plaza Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. Complete with a tree house, a reading area and a cinema, the toy retailer has a few other bonuses.


In keeping up with the times, the new store is really an experiential event. Consumers have the ability to touch and feel the toys on a whole new level. In addition to creating a child’s play space, the store uses technology that allows the consumer to virtually purchase items that aren’t in stock. We’re talking about 15,000 more items that aren’t in stock. The store has about 1,500; plenty of choice.

Nostalgic power & Toys R Us' return

When the toy store retailer closed its doors it joined a list of other iconic stores:

1990’s Zainy Brainy

    1. – America’s largest educational superstore for kids, which filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and sold its assets to Right Start.

FAO Schwarz (Founded in 1862) — was one of the oldest and most iconic toy brands in the world. It’s NYC flagship store and its contents of one-of-a-kind playthings, giant-sized toys, created cherished memories for generations of kids and families.


While children and families everywhere may mourn the loss of one more childhood memory — not to worry. It’s a proven fact that what goes around comes around in one form or another. Everyone loves nostalgia. Retro and old school are terms that come to mind.

In fact, in December 2017, FAO Schwarz returned to New York City’s Fifth Avenue for the holiday season inside of famed retailer Bergdoff Goodman. And, now the giant toy retailer has a permanent brick and mortar store at Rockefeller Center!

You can’t keep a good thing down for too long. While the advent of internet shopping and portals as Amazon continue to take its toll on iconic traditional retail stores, it appears that the need to reconnect with that personal touch is making a comeback. Nostalgic power and Toys R Us’ return is music to the ears of every child and adult! Welcome Back! — Abbe is Socially Sparked! Tweet @asparks01 & @sosparkednews