Spotlight Artist Katie Down shares her top Socially Sparked Moments of 2017. Throughout December, we revisit our Spotlight Artists and ask them to share what Socially Sparked® their lives this year.

Spotlight Artist Katie Down
Katie Down

Multi-instrumentalist, creative arts therapist/educator and music education advocate Katie Down is today’s modern woman Trailblazer. Amongst her many trails, she is The founder of Sound Well Center, and has a private practice based in Brooklyn and Manhattan where she treats people of all ages through music and mindfulness. This woman Trailblazer is also in a band The Ukuladies and is an advocate for music education for children.

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2017 was an inspirational and accomplished year for the multi-instrumentalist and music education advocate. Socially Sparked News highlighted Katie in March as a Women Trailblazer during Women’s History Month (Women Trailblazers & Pioneers – Music Education). Katie shares her top moments:

    My first Socially Sparked moment this year was during the women’s march in DC last January and realizing that the world was uniting in a feeling of loving defiance through community and humor and outspoken activists creating momentum for change.

    In March, I completed the Ukes and Kids South Africa project with our CD release party in NYC and was super happy to have Socially Sparked News‘ Editor Abbe Sparks write about our project with kids in South Africa writing and performing their own songs on the ukulele.

    In late November, my improvisation group NewBorn Trio performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival with the theatrical production, “Sleep” to critical acclaim.

    And The Ukuladies finally released our latest video of my song Asshole in an SUV! which we hope will take the world by storm!

Socially Sparked News would like to thank Katie Down for taking time from her busy schedule to share her top Socially Sparked® moments with us. We congratulate Katie on her incredibly successful year and wish her the best of luck in 2018. We are all forever Socially Sparked! #sociallysparked Tweet @sosparkednews & @asparks01

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