sstreaming operas celebrates

Streaming Operas is the feature this weekend to celebrate the end of National Opera Week. October 27th thru November 5th is the designated Opera Week, where this performing arts genre showcases its diverse industry and connects with both new and existing audiences through engaging activities and concentrated messaging.

The digital world continues to disrupt and video content is front and center today. Streaming video of live opera performances allows for potential new audiences and offers bonuses for existing fans. Furthermore, it provides an ideal way to educate and entertain an untapped audience about a Opera.

Upstart online streaming video services platform Cennarium will stream free of charge, four operas this weekend in honor of National Opera Week.

The performances will be streamed simultaneously (two per night); viewers will be able to choose which show to enjoy. Every session includes Lobby Chatroom, Opening Host, Intermission & Curtains Closed Credits.

Kicking-off this celebratory weekend is The Magic Flute for Children and The Circus Princess, both starting simultaneously at 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST on Saturday, November 5th. Sunday evening, November 6th offers streaming of Doktor Faust and Tristan und Isolde. Both will also start simultaneously at 8PM EST.

Viewers can join the streaming rooms by accessing the following links for each show listed or visit the website.

November 5th: The Magic Flute for Children in Room 1, and The Circus Princess in Room 2.

Cennarium describes itelf as the first global producer, distributor and exhibitor of performing arts audiovisual content. The platform launched its online video streaming services in the United Sates in 2016. This unique platform plans to offer subscribers a diverse selection of world-class performing arts presentations from categories that include dance, comedy, opera, drama and musical. Exclusive premieres, behind-the-scenes documentaries and interviews with renowned artists will also be available for viewing on the platform.

The performing arts as a whole, and Opera in particular, has Socially Sparked our lives around the globe for centuries. With government arts funding ever diminishing and competition for the arts dollar ever-increasing, wouldn’t it be wonderful if streaming rejuvenated arts giving? — Abbe is Socially Sparked™! — @sosparkednews & @asparks01