Throwback Thursday: we take a look back at The Women’s March 2017. From its inaugural march last January — to the Me Too Movement to the Times Up campaign — what a difference one year makes.

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When Socially Sparked News first reported on last year’s Women’s March, we speculated if it would be a one-hit wonder or have longevity.

“Perhaps the largest non-violent protest in recent history, people worldwide participated in the Women’s March on Washington with sister marches in their respective cities, towns and countries in support of wommen’s rights, human rights, civil rights and more. Still to be determined is whether this historical day will turn into a full-blown movement or remain one day in history.” — Socially Sparked News, January Stands for Justice

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The year 2017 may have come and gone but it is ever so abundantly clear that the Women’s Movement and the Women’s March is here to stay.

Women's History Month; (c) Abbe Sparks, Socially Sparked News, LLC

Over the past year, the world watched, listened and oftentimes, participated as women increasingly found their voices and took action in varying ways. March roared in with Women’s History Month saluting trailblazing women. April’s Jazz Appreciation Month opted to celebrate women in Jazz and May — which annually salutes women mothers — kept women in the spotlight. The steady salute of women as well as the steady increase in the number of voices speaking out about a range of women’s issues as violence against women and girls continued to gain momentum and volume through the end of 2017.

2018 will bring another Women’s March – January 20th, 2018. With the emergence of the Me Too Movement and now, Time’s Up, all signs show us that the Women’s Movement is here to stay. — We are #SociallySparked Tweet @sosparkednews