Global conversations for a better world intensify this week as a variety of activities surrounding UN Week and the 73rd United Nations General Assembly take place in New York City — all with one common goal in mind — The 17 Global Goals (SDGs). UN Week, a/k/a Global Goals Week runs from September 22nd thru 29th.

Global conversations for better world intensify

Kick-starting the conversations was Sunday’s Social Good Summit, now in its ninth year. The one-day Summit unites a community of activists, innovators, celebrities and world leaders to explore how we can make the world a better place using technology and new media. The event is hosted by Mashable, The UN Foundation, The UN Development Programme and the 92nd St.Y, which served as the backdrop.

Global conversations for better world intensify

Afghani rapper, Sonita Alizadeh opened the Summit with an igniting performance. This year’s gathering brought over a dozen speakers to address the global issues including headliner New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, actresses Amber Heard and Uzo Aduba, Comedian and YouTube sensation Lilly Singh among many others. Their messages resonated loud and clear in New York City and across the globe via livestreaming.

Global conversations for better world intensify

One of the most exciting conversations was about the power of new technology blockchain for social change and empowerment. Moderated by Mashable President Pete Cashmore, panelists Roya Mahboob, Enrica Porcari and Ben Siegel shared inspiring stories of how blockchain technology is being used for positive social impact in the developing world and for those displaced by war or natural disasters.

Global conversations for a better world intensify

Actress and activist Amber Heard spoke passionately of Human Rights and her experiences. She also used the opportunity to announce her partnership with the United Nations as their newest Human Rights Champion.

“If anyone’s human rights are violated, everyone’s human rights are violated” – Amber Heard, actress, activist and UN Human Rights Champion

Global conversations for better world intensify

Emmy Award-winning actress and advocate Uzo Aduba inspired the crowd as she shared her experience in Uganda helping to re-build lives and community through lending a hand up as oppose to a hand out.

“Our job is to help introduce a pathway for bettering themselves.” –- Uza Aduba, Actress, advocate and Heifer International Ambassador to Africa

Global conversations for better world intensify


The Sustainable Development Goals, also known as The Global Goals, is a 17 item agenda adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to find solutions for the most pressing issues of our time. With the intention of achieving the SDGs by the year 2030, Global Goals Week was created to raise awareness and accelerate action. The 17 Global Goals are:

1. Poverty
2. Hunger and Food Security
3. Health
4. Education
5. Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
6. Water and Sanitation
7. Energy
8. Economic Growth
9. Infrastructure, Industrialization
10. Inequality
11. Cities
12. Sustainable Consumption and Production
13. Climate Change
14. Oceans
15. Biodiversity, Forests, Desertification
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
17. Partnerships

socially sparked

These are just a few of the many powerful conversations heard on Sunday at The Social Good Summit. And, these were just the beginning. It will be an exciting and inspiring week in New York City and around the world to be Socially Sparked. We are forever Socially Sparked!